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Hi I'm Daisy - This is my Story!

I had a bit of a rough time in life. I never had a forever home to call my own, and I spent such a long time on the streets trying to find shelter and the odd scrap of food. I ended up in a rescue centre at the age of 12, and people always overlooked me because they thought I was too old.

Jason & Tony read about my story online and came to meet me. They fell in love with me and took me home to live with them. I was really nervous to begin with, being in new home and not knowing Jason & Tony I didn’t really know what to expect. But I needn’t have worried; they were so patient and caring, & really helped me settle in!

I love it here now; this is my home and I call the shots! Jason & Tony love and feed me, groom me, and give me plenty of cuddles – what more could a kitty ask for?

They have loads of experience looking after cats like me and it really shows.

When they go away I know they don’t like the idea of leaving me in a cattery. I love being at home and the thought of being in a strange place, surrounded by other cats, really scares me.

They did sometimes ask our neighbour to look after me; she’s lovely but doesn’t give me all the attention I’m used to and I really miss it.

That’s why Jason & Tony decided to set up Kitty Angels premier cat sitters.

To help cats just like me who need someone reliable, caring and honest to take care of them when their owners can’t.  Word soon spread about Kitty Angels, and before they knew it, Jason & Tony needed some additional help to look after all the kitty clients!

They worked very hard to find only the best, most caring and reliable Angels to join their team.

Jason, Tony and all of their Angels really admire the work done by cat rescue centres that they have decided to donate a % of all profits they make to local ones in their area to help other cats just like me!

Lots of love,

Daisy  xxxxxxxx

Kitty Angels Daisys Story About Us
Kitty Angels Daisys Story About Us
Kitty Angels Premier Cat Sitters About Us

Kitty Angels Founders

Kitty Angels Premier Cat Sitters About Us

Jason Ward

Owner – Kitty Angels

I’m Jason and together with my partner Tony I founded Kitty Angels back in April 2014. Cats have been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember.  As a child my first kitty was called Tiddles!  He was lovely; such a character, and I always remember how he used to sleep at the bottom of my bed every night!

I am originally from Milton Keynes and previously worked for NHS Direct as a Resource and Planning Manager so my life was quite different back then. A transfer at work brought me to Birmingham and I’ve never looked back.

When I moved to Birmingham I was blown away by how many cat lovers there were here.  It was great to see all the online groups of cats fans. I soon became part of the cat loving community and they really got behind Kitty Angels. It was a real accolade when the largest cat group in Birmingham endorsed us as their recommended Cat Sitter.

We are not cat feeders, we are so much more than that. We build up such a great relationship with the gorgeous kitties in our care and they really get to trust us. We treat them like they are our own. It’s lovely to see how they all have different personalities and mannerisms.

Word soon spread about Kitty Angels and so that we could take care of even more kitties we went out to the cat loving community to look for some Angels to help us. All our Angels are carefully chosen and being a cat lover is a must. They all have as much passion for delivering a second to none service as I do.

I love spending my days looking after adorable kitties; I couldn’t think of anything better and I really hope we get the chance to be able to take care of your kitties soon!

Kitty Angels Premier Cat Sitters About Us

Tony Williams

Owner – Kitty Angels

Hi, I’m Tony, along with my partner Jason I am one of the founders of Kitty Angels.

I’ve had cats all my life – in fact I can’t imagine my life without them! I just love their independence, and the fact that you have to work for their affection.

I spent most of my adult life working in insurance, but ever since I was a child I always longed to work with animals. When Daisy came into our lives (we adopted her from Cats Protection) we knew that she was a special cat, who, due to her nervous nature, wouldn’t cope well in a cattery. She therefore became the inspiration for us to set up Kitty Angels – we owe it all to her, and we have never looked back!

Now I’m thrilled that I get to spend my days looking after so many gorgeous kitties. I can’t help but fall in love with them all! I’m so proud of the way Kitty Angels has grown from a part-time occupation to a fully-fledged company with staff all over the Midlands (and now even as far afield as Sheffield and Milton Keynes). No matter how large we get, our commitment to providing the most caring, personal, professional service we can will never change – it’s at the heart of everything we do. And because we vet our staff so carefully, we can be sure that everyone that joins the Kitty Angels family is just as committed and cat-crazy as we are!

It’s truly a blessing to spend my life looking after these wonderful, funny, adorable creatures. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else!

Kitty Angels Cat Sitters - Ideal Alternative to Cattery About Us
Kitty Angels Premier Cat Sitting Service About Us
Kitty Angels Premier Cat Sitting Service About Us