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Stratford upon Avon Kitty Angels

Stratford upon Avon Kitty Angels cover Stratford upon Avon and surrounding areas. We are professional cat sitters who look after your cat in the comfort of their own home. A cat sitter is the ideal alternative to a cattery.

Please feel free to contact Kitty Angels Warwick with any queries you may have via any of our contact details shown or via the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Our Stratford upon Avon Team

Covering Stratford upon Avon.


Hi, we’re called Sandra & Garry and together we run the Stratford upon Avon team.

Originally customers, we loved the ethos behind Kitty Angels so much, we ended up getting involved with the Company. We’ve known each other for over 50 years and have always shared our home with a pussycat or two. We’re currently a multi-cat household (6) and also have experience in cat rescue, fostering and hand rearing. We look forward to speaking to you soon.

Helen - Cat Sitter Warwick and Leamington Spa

Hi, I’m Helen and I cover Leamington, Warwick and Kenilworth area. Whilst growing up I lived in a household of pets, mainly rescue dogs. When living on my own I missed not having the company of a pet so I adopted my cat around four years ago from a rescue centre in London. I also have experience of looking after cats for family and friends for many years. I even travelled all the way to Holland to look after a friends cat for week and I can honestly say that it was one of the best holidays I have ever had as I just adore cats. In addition to being a Kitty Angel, I’m an art teacher and avid baker.

Lisa - Cat Sitter Kitty Angels Warwick

Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m a Kitty Angel for Warwick, Leamington, Kenilworth and surrounding villages., I’m a former Veterinary Nurse, with more than 10 years experience in practice, so I’m very used to giving tablets as well as tickles!  I’ve met a variety of shape, size and character of Kitty along the way and appreciate that every one is different in their own unique way. From the one that charges around without a care in the world, the one the needs an extra gentle chin rub to feel relaxed to the one that is on long term medication. They all receive individual attention.
I’ve always been slightly cat crazy and lived or worked with cats and small furries all my life. I’m currently a referee to two 6 year old brothers, Bobble & Clank, who look identical but are so different in character. I quite often have to go and retrieve Bob from the park whilst his sensible brother “tutts” in disappointment!


Hi, I’m Florence and I cover South Leamington and surrounding areas.

I grew up in a cat loving household and my three kitties play such a huge part in my life. All my cats are rescue, and I love getting to know everyone’s unique story, and how these fur babies make such a difference to peoples lives!

I currently work in real estate, however love to go for walks in my spare time, and am an avid Harry Potter fan.

Abby profile

My name is Abby and I cover Kenilworth for Kitty Angels. As you can see, I am owned by a beautiful tuxedo cat called Lilah (he is actually a boy but he didn’t see fit to mention this during our first few weeks together… tsk!) Cats have a special place in my heart because they have so much love to give, but it’s a love you have to earn… I think they’re more like humans than they’re given credit for! I recognise how important our furry friends are to our lives, and I treat any cats in my care as if they were my own. That’s what I’d want for my lovely boy if I left him with someone else for a few days, and that’s what you get from Kitty Angels.

Julie (Warwick)

Hello,  I’m Kitty Angel Julie and I cover Warwick gates and all the surrounding areas. Since growing up as a child I never been without a cat or 3 to cuddle up with. I am also a volunteer at Midwarwickshire cats protection, fostering for them over the last 3 years and helping to rehome over 50 cats and kittens. I am a servant to 3 amazing cats, working as a Kitty Angel enables me to love even more kitties,  I’m living the dream!

Ciara profile

Hi I’m Ciara and you can find me popping up all over our Kitty Angel area from Stratford to Leamington.  I love working for KA, our furry clients make life so interesting, there’s no better way of starting and ending your day, than a pussycat fuss and approval.

Penny (Warwick)

Hi, I’m Kitty Angel Penny and I cover Leamington Spa, Warwick and surrounding areas. Over the years I have had the pleasure of living many feline friends. My current kitty is Smudgey, he hates having his photo taken as you can see! He has been with me just over a month and came from Avon cat rescue.  We’re still getting to know eachother , but I have already worked our that he loves Weetabix, I just love him and I cant wait to see meet your furbabies!

Alys profile

Hi, I’m Alys and I cover Leamington Spa and surrounding areas. I have always had cats growing up and don’t think I could live without them! Working for Kitty Angels is a great opportunity for me to meet all different types of cats and I couldn’t imagine a better job than getting to spend time with people’s lovely pets.

Katya (Warwick) cropped

Hi my name is Katya,  it’s a typical Russian name, but I am from Inverness! I have a gorgeous 6 year old British Shorthair called called Sunny, he is blind so needs a bit of extra love and support. I have always loved animals especially cats,  I love how they are so independent, elegant, and of course cute and cuddly! Being a Kitty Angel is my purrfect role, I find it so rewarding gaining pussycats trust and confidence, while I’m covering their visits.


Hi, I’m Sarah and a Kitty Angel that covers Warwick, Kenilworth and any nearby areas. I have always been surrounded by cats growing up, they bring me a lot of happiness which is why I am so passionate about caring for them! With the amount of kitties I get to meet and look after makes this job so perfect for me! I am currently doing an animal therapy and rehabilitation degree course, so it also adds to my experience. My free time of course involves a lot of studying but I love to keep active too, either in the gym or going on walks in the countryside.

Heidi profile

I’m Heidi, I usually cover the Whitnash/Warwick Gates part of Leamington Spa, but you might find me popping up in Warwick or Kenilworth too.  I’ve been around cats from an early age and absolutely adore them, their snuggles are the best !!

Ju C profile

Hi, the team know me as Ju, short for Julie.   I have looked after all sorts of pets since I was a child and now have a beautiful bunny rabbit called Domino.  I particularly love working as a Kitty Angel as I haven’t been able to have cats at home for a while because of my partner’s allergies.  It’s great getting my fix of adorable cat cuddles from working as a pet sitter instead, it’s the purrfect job for me.

After the initial greetings, feeding and cleaning, there is time to play and develop a bond with them that always melts my heart.  It’s a very rewarding experience and I love getting to know so many amazing characters.

Nikki profile

Hi I’m Nikki, a Kitty Angel covering Warwick and surrounding areas.  Professionally I’m a recently recently retired Anaesthetic Practitioner, but am now able to focus on what really makes me happy…. Animals.  I’m a proud fur mummy to Paddy who’s in the picture, Otis who we’ve had from a baby, a pussycat that thinks he’s a dog as he’s been brought up around my 2 Romanian rescue dogs Leilo and Tilly. I’ve got experience with cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, rats, snakes and even rescued chipmunks!  I love being able to go out and about, getting the opportunity to love and care for pets whilst owners are away and I completely understand the worry of getting them cared for well, so always treat your babies with the love and care that I do my own.

Sam profile

Hi I’m Sam, mum to both a human baby and two furry ones. I cover visits around Leamington and Warwick. I’m really intrested in cat behaviour and the best part of being a Kitty Angel is getting to know and adapting to each personality and the cuddles of course !

Kerry profile

I’m Kerry and I remember loving my grandma’s cat ‘Puss’ so much. When I got a place of my own, I bought my first kitten and have been a cat owner ever since. I have 2 young cats now: Chelsea and Blazar (I’m pictured with Blazar). I’m loving being a Kitty Angel as each cat has its own personality and they bring me so much joy!

Sue Carr

Hi, l am Susan and a dedicated Kitty Angel covering the Leamington Spa and surrounding areas. I adore cats and couldn’t imagine not having them in my life. They can be funny, playful, affectionate and just great company. I throughly enjoy working for Kitty Angels and the opportunity it provides to care for and interact with a variety of our feline friends.  In my spare time l run and enjoy exercising. Here l am with my lovely Diesel (he doesn’t yet know that l am seeing other cats behind his back!).

Suzanne profile

Hi I’m Suzanne and live in Warwick.  I’m the Kitty Angel for Chase Meadow although I’ve been known to help out in other parts of Warwick too.  I can’t remember a time where I’ve not had a cat… From Suki, my first cat who used to sit in my pram with me, to Charlotte my current cat, a petite sweet girl we took in after she was abandoned by her owners.  My life just wouldn’t be the same without a cat as part of it.  I love seeing all my kitties on my visits and have got to know all their different personalities.  I will always look after your cat as if they were my own, always ready with lots of cuddles and attention for them all.

Nicola profile

Hi, I’m Nicola and I do visits in the Kenilworth area.   My day job is as an Advisory Teacher, so I usually help out as a Kitty Angel in the holidays. I am also the full time, devoted slave to Pyewacket, Howdy and Carlos, who kindly allow me to live in their home and provide food, warmth and cuddles ( when permitted). I have lived with and loved cats all my life and love being a Kitty Angel!’


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Some of Our Clients

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Hi I am Minnie and my owners ask Kitty Angels to look after me when they are away. I am so well looked after and look forward to their next visit.

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Hi I am Petal and my owners ask Kitty Angels to look after me when they are away. I am so well looked after and look forward to their next visit.

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